Sabtu, 08 Mei 2010

My everything by lee min ho (english version)

I can't describe it with the words in this world
the overflowing feeling i have towards you
the endless love that doesn't stop even if i do more
no one, but you could make me laugh
or cry, even though it might not be like me

* only you i watch and listen and want to listen to
inside of me
i want to make you live
look at me, come to my comfort
you're my every, my everything
you're my everything, love for you

i never ever had won you once
my heart feels happier
when my heart gives in
there is no expiration date towards your love
if there is it is going to be in a million years
even thought it might be hard
stay with me
even if i lose everything
i will protect you

back to *

i wanna be everything
the owner to my heart is only you
you are my first as well as my last
i call for you everytime i breath

you're my every
my everything
you're my everything love for you
i love you, you're my everything

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